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Reef and Tails Providing a small part of God's paintbrush!

We supply everything for your saltwater aquarium.
We strive to provide great quality and selection at the best prices.
We have been in the hobby for over 18 years.
We set up aquariums. We give free quality advice. We only recommend goods you need!
We help you enjoy the hobby!
We have new and used aquarium systems, equipment and supplies at the low prices.

We get regular livestock shipment from all over the world. (Sri Lanka, Philippines,
Central Visayas, Bali, Australia, Tonga, Fiji, Papa New Ginny, Hawaii, Christmas Island,
Indonesia, Solomon Islands, Vietnam, etc.). Come to our store or check on-line to see what we have.

We will take special orders too. We will obtain that special hard to get item for you, quarantine it, make sure it is eating and ready to be introduced to your aquarium.

We are open every Sunday 12 to 6 (Some Saturdays).
Call or email for an appointment for other times.

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