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Silver Speckled Zoas Silver Speckled Zoas

Very nice Speckled Zoas! Very similar to the space monster zoas from Hawaii!

Starts At: $35.00
Bi-Color Hammer(Aussie) Bi-Color Hammer(Aussie)

One of a kind green and purple branching hammer!!! 2 heads on this frag!

Starts At: $40.00
Green Chalice Green Chalice

Gorgeous green chalice! Piece is 4 inches.

Starts At: $49.00
Purple Monti Cap Purple Monti Cap

Very nice purple grape monti cap colony!! 3.5 inches across!

Starts At: $59.00
Maxima Clam(Gold) Maxima Clam(Gold)

3 inch gold maxima clam! Doing very well and not being feed!

Starts At: $60.00
Pink Wellsophyllia Pink Wellsophyllia

Very nice bright pink Wellso! 2 inches across!

Starts At: $65.00
Green Fungia Plate Green Fungia Plate

3 Inches in diameter and nice lime green coloration!

Starts At: $69.00
Red Wellsophyllia Red Wellsophyllia

Bright Red Wellsophyllia! 2.5 inches across!

Starts At: $69.00
TrachyPhyllia(Ultra Grade) TrachyPhyllia(Ultra Grade)

One of a kind speckled red, green and blue trachy! Stunning piece!

Starts At: $79.00
Red Lobophyllia(Indo) Red Lobophyllia(Indo)

Very nice Red and Orange Lobo! 4.5 inch colony!

Starts At: $79.00
Orange Fungia Plate Coral Orange Fungia Plate Coral

3 inches in diameter and bright orange in coloration!

Starts At: $99.00
Bleeding Apple Scolymia Bleeding Apple Scolymia

Very nice colored Bleeding Apple. Piece is 2 1/2 inches.

Starts At: $129.00
Orange Eyed Green Chalice Orange Eyed Green Chalice

3.5 Inch colony of green based and bright orange eyed chalice!

Starts At: $135.00
Blood Red Chalice Blood Red Chalice

2.5 inch Blood Red Chalice Frag!!! Brilliant Coloration!

Starts At: $150.00